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Stablelab is a handheld equine blood test and is 30 times more sensitive at detecting infections than traditional tools.


Welcome to Stablelab

Use Stablelab in 3 ways

  • Stablelab identifies cases of infection that even the standard lab tests don’t pick up on. The handheld Reader accurately quantifies Serum Amyloid A between 0-3000 µg/ml.

  • SAA is a protein produced in response to infection. It can indicate the severity of an infection and how the body is coping with it. With Stablelab, manage a case with greater clarity and confidence.

  • Use Stablelab as a routine protocol for screening, particularly in situations that present an elevated risk of respiratory and other acute infections.

How to use the Stablelab Test

The Test Kit

The Handheld Reader

Important Information
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